Sunday, 27 May 2012

nightmare of the middle of nowhere...

to be me

Just an average way to SH*ne

Jane Austen...

i recently bought all (except  northanger abbey ) the jane austen books, and I plan to spread the love... or unlove of dear bennet. maybe a austen inspired polyvore-post...?

Sunday for Moonday

Our first annual SFM


We're going back in time... What do you think about Ozzy's SUNglasses, silver MOONshine lipstick, straightened hair, a baggy shirt, disco shorts (or maybe just denim...), socks, shoes (preferably prada = red soles )

i would love to see someone walking down a cape town street in that. maybe you all will do  me a favor and walk  past my house. not that i'm gonna tell you my address...
my parents always said pedo's walked the streets of blogger.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Hart of Dixie ~ Lemon

Hart of Dixie ~ Lemon

Miss Selfridge flared dress
$57 -

Dorothy Perkins sleeveless dress
$44 -

Floral top
$76 -

Elizabeth and James shorts
$295 -

Sandro neon mini skirt
$195 -

$12 -

Essie nailpolish
$8 -

A Recent Update

I have just finished making a dress for a modeling assignment. Sounds boring, but... well, Yes it was. The theme for the photoshoot is Recycle, and we could only used recycled materials. I used normal black bags, cut in a Audrey Hepburn style (high in front, low in back), with feathers on the shoulders. I then took a open zipper and twisted it around my body. I did the same with a measuring tape. Now I sit with a problem so devious, Jack the Ripper planned it himself. What should I wear on my feet? 

Friday, 11 May 2012

The 1ste Post

Welcome and hey

 Lets get the business finished before pleasure... This is a joint blog, with me (Lauren *Charlotta* ) and Renè *Bean*. I provide the fashion (Polyvore) and the writing. Rene provides... well, we'll see!
 This blog should be about everything US, so starting with the most important: Our non existent romantic lives. Sadly, that's next post. I think...

Gossip Girl Wedding

Gossip Girl Wedding

Dorothy Perkins nude clutch
$21 -

Jon Richard vintage earrings
£7 -

Crystal hair accessory
£72 -