Thursday, 10 January 2013


Well, I'm putting this on a backburner for now/ Maybe one day I'll start this up again, but for now I'm too busy with other interests. So... See you.

XOXO Charlotta
Charlotta - Kar-Lot_A

Monday, 3 December 2012


As I admitted in the last post, I have a sims addiction. I have joined lots of SIms community's but to my dismay, I can't just add an avatar to The Sims Daily Forum, without having the photo gewt a url. So here I am abusing you just to upload a avatar! Evil!

So here it is.


My brain (and fingers) have been fried, which is why I've been AWOL the last month. I had exams to study for, then I worked at a bustling market for a while. Yay! You think - Photo's of market stuff. No. I was so busy I didn't get to get my camera out, and I hardly saw the market at all. NOT doing that again. I did make some good cash though. But it is really too painful for what I end up getting.

So here, I am back. I must admit that I got back to reality on Saturday, but I have such a Sims addiction that I've just been playing and creating Simmie Stuff that I just didn't give myself time to post here. I have missed it though. I wonder if anyone missed me?

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Fourth Day Tour

Here is Google Maps so that you can see where my different destinations are.


6:30   Wake up
7:00   Religion
7:15   Breakfast
8:00   Depart
9:00   Kayaks ride at Wilderness SANPark here
13:00 Lunch
14:00 WildWoods Tree Adventure go Tarzan here

Experience: Although not the best day, the WildWoods was the best activity. I honestly have doen a lot in my life, but this was unique!

I forgot to tell you, we also went here and here

Love xoxo


Saturday, 20 October 2012

Third Tour Day

Here is Google Maps so that you can see where my different destinations are.


6:30   Wake up
7:00    Religion
7:15    Breakfast
7:45    Depart
9:30    Wilgewandel Holiday Farm (see this freaky fun place here)
12:30  Cango caves (never heard of it? click here)
15:00  Cango Ostrich Farm - I Rode an Ostrich! see here

Experience: It was the best day! I can only say it was thrilling. I was so terrified when i rode the Ostrich, and apparently someone commented "watch her mullet blowing!". I don't have a mullet, but When i was very small my hair was cut pixie style. When I started growing it, it KIND OF look mullet-ISH.

Second Day Tour

Here is Google Maps so that you can see where my different destinations are.



7:00   Wake Up
7:30   Religion
7:45   Breakfast
8:30   Depart
10:30 Knysna Elephant Park (awwww here)
**:** Lunch
14:30 Featherbed Nature Reserve 

My Experience: The Elephant park is amazing! You get to feed, stand next to, rub, take photos with and just watch the elephants! You don't realize hos majestic they are till you're standing next to them. Oh, and we saw a wild seal while in the Featherbed Reserve. So Cute!

The First Tour Day

I'm gonna categorize these  post day-by-day, of a week long tour.

Here is Google Maps so that you can see where my different destinations are.

We Went to Hartenbos in the Western-Cape, South Africa on the first day.

This was our schedule:

6:30  Wake up
7:00   Religion (Pray etc)
7:15   Breakfast
8:15   Depart
9:00   Redberry Farm (check out this unmissable place here)
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Hartenbos Waterworld & Heated swimming pool (also see here *sorry the site is in afrikaans* )

What I can basically tell you out my own experience, it was so fun. The Strawberry picking was amazing with there being this huge maze inside where you can delightfully get lost in, and the Waterworld was daringly thrilling!  I never want to grow up!