Saturday, 20 October 2012

Third Tour Day

Here is Google Maps so that you can see where my different destinations are.


6:30   Wake up
7:00    Religion
7:15    Breakfast
7:45    Depart
9:30    Wilgewandel Holiday Farm (see this freaky fun place here)
12:30  Cango caves (never heard of it? click here)
15:00  Cango Ostrich Farm - I Rode an Ostrich! see here

Experience: It was the best day! I can only say it was thrilling. I was so terrified when i rode the Ostrich, and apparently someone commented "watch her mullet blowing!". I don't have a mullet, but When i was very small my hair was cut pixie style. When I started growing it, it KIND OF look mullet-ISH.

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