Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My Dream

Last Night I had a puzzling dream...
This is all true. No Lie.

My mother was training me as a swimmer. We were at a gala at a lake in Africa. I was fast, so I came first. Whilst I was waiting for my competitors to finish, I noticed a old man who had given up and was flailing about on a orange dingy. I asked my mother what his name was, and she replied with a strange, "Figs". I started swimming towards him, but before I could shout for help, another dingy with a wild, psychopathic woman was speeding towards me! In a very dream-like fashion, when she hit me, I flopped onto the dingy and rode with her. I looked at her suspiciously and hoped she would not abduct me in the process.  When I turned around, I saw we were heading to a watery doom!. In front of us, Figs was doing 360 degree turns at high speed. When we connected  I got squished between the two boats, turning around and around. Again and Again.

And then it ended.

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