Sunday, 8 July 2012

Grahamstown Arts Festival

Hello my readers and fellow martians. I have a weird thing about martians... anyway, I was at the G Fest which is why I didn't post at all. It was soooo cool. To all of you who have never been in  South Africa, zone out or search it cause I sure as hell ain't going to explain it. The fest had suuuper cool stalls, but the shows I watched were lacking originality. It could just be the fact that I watched the bad shows, my booking abilities may suck, but I'm just not so certain about how much quality material their was this year. Anyway, the stalls were particularly good and there was amazing variety and quality. The best part of the fest was that it was brilliantly organised. I would rate it a 5 star for organisation. I seriously can't wait for the next season. 

I bought 2 rocking outfits:
A Aztec patterned navy blue pair of tights. (so cool) A see-through shirt with floral pattern, but it was practicably made for me and it is the best fitting item in my closet. Then a wooden carved heart necklace. A gorgeous dress off navy blue chiffon with peach chiffon floral pattern! Voila!
I also bought tons off pretty trinkets and fluffs. 

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