Sunday, 29 July 2012

Wall Art

Who of you have a huge wall and don't have enough money to buy a painting? What, just me? Life 
sucks :) ... Anyway, here is a idea that I didn't sponge off another blog and is totally my creation. Not that no one else has thought of it, but still.

Trees on walls...*wait for it*... In Chalk Paint!

Before you start, note that you can make this any colour that you want, for a little effort. 
If you would like to mix up a boogie, go here  A Beautiful Mess

I don't have any photos, cause SOMEONE ie. me, forgot to get new camera batteries... What a dunce!

Step 1

Choose any black and white picture of Whatever, I took a tree, but make sure you will be able to trace it yourself.

Step 2

Beg a overhead projector from somewhere. I got mine from a school  that I know. 
If you can't find one, listen closely.
 -----> First make a grid on the paper of your picture. Say 2 x 2 cm. Then take a poster and redraw it on 4 x 4 cm. Then 8 x 8 cm. Basically untill you get close enough to how big you Wall Art is going to be. A  lot of work, I know. >_<

Step 3

Project the picture onto the chosen wall, and trace it. Put the projector off every now and again, to make sure you haven't left any lines out.

Step 4

Paint! For a nice touch you can add different colours. I was too lazy.

Step 5

Decorate!  I added shelves with candles, photos and memorabilia, messages on the branches (that is why it's done in chalk paint) and quirky stickers off birds etc.


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