Friday, 24 August 2012

A Hilarious Prank followed by The Un-follow-ble.

This week the younger boy section in my boarding school decided to play a rather meaty trick. They (for some incomprehensible reason) put a slice of rather foul smelling salami under the new boy's pillow. He apparently lay awake for several minutes trying to find the source of the stench.

The Housemaster then tried to get the culprits to come clean. He said he already knew who it was, but chose to stay silent and test the boy's manly honesty. The day passed and no one 'fessed up, so it was announced all the boys must share the punishment and dig a pit in the back yard. Five meters all round, with a one meter depth. It sounds like hard labour but the boys found it fantastic fun... I kind of wish I had gotten punishment..How creep-tastic is that?

While all this was happening, I was sitting out front with one of my friends and, lets call him a special friend. This normal friend, R-Miguel, told me to go and look at the boys cause they were looking like sumo wrestlers in their undies covered in mud! Before I could answer, Special Friend over here says, " No, she won't want to go and look. She would only want to go and look if I was there... "
I jokingly agree but R-M says that I should get used to seeing guys in UN-D's cause my husband would one day be mowing the lawn at 5 in the morning in all his glory. I refuse to believe this and announce that my husband would never do that. Special friend then says, "He probably will... it's probably going to be me!"
And in one short sentence I died, went to heaven, came back, and had to laugh. First of all, we're only a thing, not even dating. This week was all too weird...

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