Sunday, 12 August 2012

Mustouche SHIRTS :)

Here is my own little DIY that I did with my sister and her friend. Before you look at these pictures, please realize I am in my oldest clothes and look like a 11 year old. And I forgot my straightener at boarding school. Which means my hair makes me look like a dude. Besides the moaning of a distressed teenager, enjoy the little wings for our noses. Mustouches, obviously.
Go on the Internet (we used Pinterest ) to find the stencil you want to use. We then used a photo editing program to just whiten the insides of our 'stouches so they would be easier to trace. Like so:

Slide a thick piece of newspaper in so you don't smudge it onto the other side.
Trace your radical message and 'stouche and start painting with fabric paint. 

                                                             Hot Chocolate is a must!
Let it dry for 24 Hours then iron it on and remove the newspaper. Then you can wash it.
Enjoy the products of your hard work!

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