Friday, 22 June 2012

Awesome sayings and what they mean

tally ho! roger, mate!
sorry to disappoint, but ours are a bit more unique. they've invited you to a tea party to get you to know them. here's the invitation:

Dear Readers
You are formally invited to a splendid tea party, with all deckings. RSVP to Charlotta or Bean
Yours sincerely,
The Sayings  

as you can see, they are a pompous few fellows. however, we are the sons and daughters of gentlemen, and must for fill our place in society.
lets go by order of when we (bean & I) created them;

Nay Nay my lord
this was after we went and watched a play of Anthony & Cleopatra

The wheel shall turn
we were talking about how things have changed for the better for us. also due to ramblings of a demented menopausal afrikaans teacher

You sev (followed by hitting the person)
basically  I was eating this disgusting "sev & nuts". then we told each other how we irritated each other so much. this word is what were say when the other irritates the one.

The world shall end in a ectoplasmic fit
random things we say in awkward moments

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