Friday, 22 June 2012

The Ridiculous Greenies and Their Tyranny Towards Us

fellow mates and readers. if any of you are greenies, veggies, or overall cult-members: WARNING! this may contain some offensive warbling.

this evening i'm going hunting. not fox, although my heart deeply desires it. it's my first time hunting, and we're hunting springbuck (spring= jump buck=antelope (a jumping antelope)). let me inform you properly before you get into a huffy twist. if you don't hunt, they overrun the land and the sheep starve. i'v witnessed  starvation. it's much worse than a bullet against the head. in fact, how would you like it if you had forced anorexia? happy, judging against how some of you go on.

another hunting misconception: jackals (cousins of wolves) should not be hunted. WRONG AGAIN. How would you like it if magically someone took R1000 from your bank account every night? cause that is what it's like. a sheep is worth R1000, and they catch one every night. here is something even worse. they catch the lamb, eat his bum, neck and stomach, and leaves him their to die. yes, he was alive in all of this.

Have I Scared You?

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