Saturday, 9 June 2012

A little bit of rain

hello happy campers, and welcome to this post. here in blog world it's winter, and typing with cold fingers is not a cup of tea! we try to insulate our houses, build fires, snuggle... but what's the use? it's winter here in the southern hemisphere, and nothing (maybe global warming) is gonna change that. hot chocco is one if the best remedies, but who wants to get up, go to the COLD kitchen, and make a cuppa? sometimes i really think the biggest fault in the human body is that we don't hibernate. if i want to fatten myself up for the winter, then drop off into a cozy sleep in a luxurious cave, it should be my decision, right? on a (much) warmer note, all you northern hemisphere machines are soaking up the rays while im sitting here losing all my sexiness, seeing as it is far too cold to exercise.. don't you have hearts? wouldn't one of you be so kind as to sending me a heavy pay-check to send me to some tropical destination? no? too bad.

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