Saturday, 2 June 2012

a totally random affair

have you ever had a why-on-earth moment? if you haven't, you're most likely a hermit, and the only reason you're reading this, is because a group of vampires are holding you hostage, threatening to roast you like a pig. but that's only mu opinion, of course. 
anyway, here are a few things which stumped me this week ---

1. Gold fish are called GOLDfish... people, their ORANGE
2.does pee evaporate?
3. junglejims are, beyond popular belief, death machines
4. why on earth do some people not spank their children? it GOOD for them
5. how does the bbc jump from downton abbey to the only way is essex?

feel free to add anything...


  1. charlotta!!!!!!! how could you steal my post your's truly ,bean!:)

  2. you took long... not my problem ! haha