Saturday, 22 September 2012

Evening Decor

This evening we are holding a Heritage Day party at my house. My mom has made me in charge of decorations, and naturally I left it till the last minute. Now.

So I got up super early (for me anyway) and started stumbling (Yay!) in the hopes to find something to make and use. So far, I have a few tricks up my sleeve. The first thing I got, was from JADERBOMB, and I must say she is quite amazing.

Watch How To: Cut Glass!


It’s best to triple your yarn because it will burn longer!
Soak it GOOD! This is VERY important!
I like to tie my yarn where I want my glass to “cut” then quickly pour polish remover over the string again. I also slightly pour a little over the glass also!
Get a big bowl with ice and water ready. You will be dunking your glass in this. It has to be COLD so make sure to put enough ice! Also make sure your bowl is big enough! It needs to be deep enough to dunk where your string is!
VERY IMPORTANT! Make sure when you light this that it is not right over your bowl of polish remover! (trust me, I did this and everything got engulfed in flames).. hahah I like to light it over my water!
Slowly turn your bottle. Try not to do this where it’s windy because you want your string to stay lit or it will not work. The slower you go the better it is, but it has to constantly turn.
You can’t let the flame go OUT then dunk it in the ice water. You will notice after little while your flame getting lower and lower. Remember in the beginning I said you will be practicing a lot. It may take you a few times before you get it right. When the flame is “ALMOST” out dunk it in the ice water. You will hear a cracking noise. THIS MEANS YOUR GLASS IS CUT… If you mess up and your glass did NOT cut, take the string off and apply a new one. You can’t use the same string twice.

Super Amazing! Now... How to reattach...?

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