Sunday, 9 September 2012

Spring Cleaning

Today I cleaned out my closet (skeletons and all... jokes) and by thinking about the time that has passed this year, I realized that I have for fulled my New year's Resolution : To be Healthy and Say No.

I have done that.

I regularly say no if I'm not hungry. This means that if my supper was big, it makes my supper turn into a fruit. EAT BREAKFAST. You have already not eaten for eight hours, you don't need another eight. I indulge myself (slightly), meaning that everything in moderation.

Smaller Portions. I have not changed a thing on my exercise routine, I just eat WAY less. Think about it... I wasn't gaining weight, so if I ate less, I lost weight.

I take modeling classes and what it has taught me is that those girls might be skinny, beautiful and tall, but they aren't necessarily born that way. Sure, their genes are great, but they weren't all always size zero. There is huge drug trafficking in the model industry, like coke which makes you thinner. So I can happily say that I am fit and healthy.

Fit is not always thin. Neither is healthy. I suppose it also has to do with the way you're built. My whole family has big boobs with a short upper body, which makes us look fat even at our skinniest. I'm not satisfied with my body. Who is? But I'm not about to commit suicide either. Balance. If I want, I can get breast reductions when I'm older. I'm human.

 Moderation. Yay for the chocolate, Nay for the chips. Yay for the wine Nay for caffeine. Also, learn that if you don't like it, don't eat it. And more importantly, it may taste nice, but eating more of it won't make it any nicer. Enjoy it. But remember you're going to want to enjoy something later without feeling guilty.

More about resolutions later...? I like this topic <3


  1. yes although i am working on this myself too! everything in moderation


    1. Best thing ever :)
      Thnx for commenting