Sunday, 16 September 2012

What's that Beautiful Music in my Ears?

What's is that sound, Do you hear it? The Sweet Melody of... NEW CLOTHES.

I should not have to explain this joy to any woman.

This week, me and <3 My Mother <3 went on a blitz shopping spree. First of all, yes, I still shop with my mother. I don't like it, but it happens.
Secondly, a blitz shopping spree is when you go to one big, *cheap* store and take an hour to find, try on and buy as much clothing as possible

I tried to find the most possible matches for my purchases. BTW the store is very average, unclassy,
South-African Mr Price. I know it sounds horrible, but they always have the trends. If you want to be original, don't go here. If you want cool clothes that you'll only wear one season (and that's fine, cause it's really cheap), then go there :))))

Anyway, enough chit chat - enjoy!

This one I got in Baby Blue

This one above was in a Coral Green

Mine is slightly less - Yellow - more brown

My Stripes are neon pink and grey, without the belt

I rolled my shorts up another two times

                                                        So My Honeys, what do you think?

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